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There are many Americans in today's society who are unaware of America's history, understand how the government works, and the propaganda that is involved in politics. Belief systems are being shaped by the media, indoctrination in schools, and hearsay, with no data, substance, or most importantly, any biblical relevance.


The Rookie AmeRican is a guidebook to teach people the basics of the American government and politics and how to not easily be swayed by the media or the people around them.  Which is why it is important to not only educate citizens, but also arm them with the proper knowledge of the original intent of this nation.  America is the last to fall to communism as it knocks on our door. This is our time to stand up and fight for the rights that people come over on rafts for, and it starts with teaching and impacting one person at a time. This book includes:


*Resources and summarization of the true U.S founding history


*U.S. Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution


*Simple breakdowns of how the government is structured


*Understanding the game of politics


*Origins of socialism and its aim to remove Christianity from nations.

Rookie AmeRican (2nd Edition Cover)

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