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Lover of Christ. Mom to a wild child. Host & Publisher.


Goals: "To teach others that at the heart of socialism is to remove God from a nation. And to learn how to scissor kick people."


In 2020-21 Lissette grew tired on waiting for pastors to rise up and grow a pair so she hit the streets in Massachusetts, where freedom rallies were rampant. The very place pastors need to be. Winning the lost to Christ. This birthed a podcast show and a book to teach Americans the basics of our nation's history, government, and politics. 


"A renewing of the mind is not only necessary but vital to have personal revival in order to reform our nation to what it was originally intended for." 


Features & Collaborations:

Lissette has collaborated with so many incredible individuals over the years.
She has published and reported for Red Liberty Media and her podcast show, The Rookie AmeRican broadcasted on Right America Media.

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